No Consultation Needed!
We only clean what YOU want us to clean!
Serving South AuroraColorado!
What We Do
  1. Memberships
    Get consistent cleaning you can count on week after week. The Membership gets you insider deals, coupons and discounts.
  2. One-Time Cleaning Service
    One-Time Cleaning Service
    Have a special event, or just finished having a special event, family visiting from out of town, need an extra set of hands? Our one time cleaning service does just that.
About Us
Our No Consultaion Policy and How it works?
Setting up a cleaning service can be a chore within itself. Find one in your area, put your information into a website, only to reiceve an automated email or voicemail about how someone will get back to you in a few days. After all of that you still have to set up a consultation, sometimes there's even a fee for their time. Then after someone subjectively judges your home, they give you a price that could possibly change! 
We only clean what you want us to clean! 
Every home is given the basics automatically no matter what package, membership, or one time cleaning service. Each home is given a check-list, we let you priortize and choose the items you want done. For example you may hate washing dishes, and would prefer our time spent and your money spent on coming home to clean dishes versues other chores in your home. 
You can pay with cash, credit/debit card or check*. One time cleaning services may not pay by check. Small fees may apply with any credit or debit card. 
Membership Payments can be paid weekley or at the beginning of each month, you may leave a check payable to TidyHome on your kitchen counter or a sealed envelope with cash or over the phone with credit or debit cards.